Line-up during recording of the EP: Kosta - guitar and voice, Krljo - drums, Šuljo - guitar and voice, Kiro - bass

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1990 - Čisto kao suza, EP, Search & Enjoy

It was a band around Kosta as the main musician and songmaker and Ante Čikara, a journalist as a manager. That band played fast punk`n`blues a bit like the Gun Club, the Saints or the Misfits. It was considered as one of the most promising bands of Zagrebs alternative sceene. They played all over former Yugoslavia, including Ljubljana, Beograd, Sarajevo, and were on the best way to make a "career" but the war in the country escalated and the musicians scattered around the world. The line-up changed a lot but while I was playing (often slide and wah-wah parts), Kosta played guitar, Krljo played drums, Kiro bass, and Dino sang for a while. The name of the band happend on one day, while Kosta and Ante (I guess it were the two of them) were walking down the street next to a billboard, where some posters were hanging, advertising different events in month of November. In croatian language, November means Studeni. There were two same posters next to each other giving this combination and the name to our band.
This band also made only one EP, in the same studio as Sin Albert. 1000 copies of the EP were pressed and it was almoust sold out in 1 year. Daniel made its cover. There were some further plans for a LP, and according to plan Koja should have been the producer and I think that he already agreed to do that.
With the beginning of the war Kosta moved to Niš in Serbia (where his parents come from), renamed the band to November and continued with work bringing out new CD-s.

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