1998 Tandara Mandara

2000 Romantično ljetovanje za dvije osobe

2002 Pau Pau

2008 Možda stvarno

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Stampedo in Omiš, summer 2002, Stanko, Braco, Ivanka, Frano, Daniel

here you can see some of the stuff on Youtube: - video clip for "Hladan kao spricer"
- "Stampedo" live at Tvornica, Zagreb, 2009
- "Fatamorgana" from the first albim Tandara Mandara
- video clip for "Jadranska sol" from 2nd album
- Mile Kekin & Ivanka Mazurkijevic - "Dolje je bolje"
- "Ti odlaziš u kinu" live at Tvornica, Zagreb, 2009

Tandara Mandara, CD, 1998, Croatia records
band at the time of the first longplayer:
Vito, Stjepan, Ivanka, Javor, Stanko

Romantično ljetovanje za dvije (2) osobe
CD, 2000, Croatia records

Pau pau, CD, 2002, Croatia records

Možda stvarno, CD, 2008, Aquarious records

Stampedo is a mixed style Zagreb based band crossing over from world music, lounge, ska, jazz to cheep cheese synthie disco! It was founded in 1995. by a songwriter Javor Jeić and a very charismatic lead singer Ivanka Mazurkijević. Soon, thanks to their exceptional talents the band struck nationwide, having a few nr.1 hits and videos since then, and a lot of airplay, being signed by the biggest Croatian label Croatia Records. In 1998 it was voted as the best Croatian newcomer band of the year.

In 2000 Javor left the performing line-up continuing to contribute only as a songwriter so Daniel came into the band. Besides it's members, Stampedo was always open for tons of guest musicians and supporters like film directors Tomislav Rukavina and Gonzo, or singers like Hladno pivo's lead singer Mile,or Zdenka Kovačićek, among many others...

Daniel played from 2000 - 2004 and then he unfortunately had to leave the band due to other life circumstances. Funnily enough, it was the moment where he finaly started to contribute creativly, as he wrote some songs for them. One of the songs, "Pored tebe je najbolje", was released 2008 on a record "Možda stvarno".

2004 Daniel wrote this about the band: "It is, to my humble opinion, a very exciting live act which I really did enjoy beeing with. Ivanka is a great live singer, and has great stage charisma and entrentainer qualities. Stanko is my long time friend and musical partner with a long mutual history of music making, again and again. I hope, with my somewhat restless kind of guitar playing, I could contribute to its uniqueness. If you get a chance to see them/us, take it. I think you won't regret!
Unfortunately, on the other hand, my creativ contribution to Stampedo was almost zero, except for the very last period where I wrote some songs for them and one song was taken to be recorded on the 4th album. I wasn't in the band during the first 2 CDs and although I did play the guitar on the third one, guitar parts and the sound were composed and made by the band's songwriter Javor (an exceptional guitar player with his very own touch) and there was a little space to bring in other views. That wasn't very fortunate situation for me. But this changed from the forth record on, and the actual plan is that all members should/can contribute with song materials."

4th record, "Možda stvarno", was released by the bands new label Aquarious records. Daniels song "Pored tebe" was released as a second single from it, and reached top 10 at most of the radio station charts thru out Croatia.

From Spring 2011 Daniel rejoined the band. Come to see us at your local venue!

music start
(c) copyright Daniel Šuljić, 2011 Zagreb/Wien