SPACE INVADERS 1990 - 1998

First Line-up: Oleg Mandić, Daniel Šuljić - guitars & voices, Goga Crnko - bass & voice, Štef Bartolić - drums

Last Line-up: Daniel Šuljić - guitar and voice, Marko Madunić - drums, Stanko Kovačić - bass and voice

music start
Spejs invejders 1990
Daniel, Stef, Goga, Oleg
Space invaders 1997, Flex, Vienna
Oliver, Daniel, Marko, Stanko


1995 - Space invaders, MC, Trost

1997 - Planet blue, CD, Dignitaj volumen

Formed by Oleg Mandić and Daniel Šuljić on the ruins of Sin Albert in 1990. The name of the band was an idea of the original drummer Štef. We still didn't have a name but already had the first gig, and the organizer wanted to know what to write on a poster, so Štef said it's all the same, let's call us spejs invejders, whataever! So we did. In first few years we wrote it, as a joke, in the Croatian phonetic way: spejs invejders.
In 1991, soon after forming, 3 of 4 Invaders moved over to Vienna where the new drummer Marko Madunić joined in so they continued playing. These first years the music was grungy/noisy/sonic youth guitar walls, and it is documented on a tape called simply "Space Invaders", released in 1995. by a Viennese label Trost. In 1994. Oleg left the band and music, however sometimes turning back to help us when we need him. For about a year he was replaced by Zoran Drobina, a graphic designer, who later made the cover of the Planet blue CD. On 10th anniversary of performing music (in Nov. 1994.), Oleg and Daniel released a MC-90 sampler tape named "Ča je život vengo fantažija", putting samples of everything they did up to that moment: with Linija, Waldorf ( a 85-86 metal-noise bend from Oleg), Sin Albert, Studeni Studeni and Space Invaders.

In 1995. Oliver Marčeta, a painter coming from Ljubljana, joined Marko and Daniel to fill up the line-up for the next few years (95-97). Oliver and Daniel were studying together at that time, painting and animation at the Highschool for applied arts in Vienna. Their co-operation was not only in music but also in film. They often organized concerts with film shows in clubs as well as in alternative cinemas. The second album "Planet blue", was the result of those years and that co-operation, with music more trashy/punky and art influenced.

Oliver left in 97 following his call to be a painter. Instead of him, a friend from the days of Sin Albert, Stanko, came to play with Daniel again. With Marko, a constant on drums, this completes the last line-up. Since Stanko was living in Zagreb, concerts from Space Invaders become really rare. In the first few months of `98 the band entered a studio where they record new set of songs for a next (mini-) album. This album was never completed. The music was turning away from punk sounds getting some fine structures and strange turns again. But than, everybody lost real interest so the band simply disappeared. Daniel plans to record those and some other not released songs... one day...soon... as lifestyle disaster...

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