SIN ALBERT 1985 - 1990

Line-up 1985-86: Stanko Kovačić - bass, Daniel Šuljić - guitar and voice, Robert Bušić - drums

Line-up 87-89: Stanko Kovačić - bass, voice, Daniel Šuljić - guitar and voice, Ivan Marušić Klif - drums, Oleg Mandić - guitar and voice

Last line-up, 90: Stanko Kovačić - bass, voice, Daniel Šuljić - guitar, voice, Ivan Marušić Klif - drums

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1990 - Sin ALbert, EP, Search & Enjoy


It was a band around Stanko Kovačić on bass and Daniel Šuljić on guitar.

1985-86 In the first period of the band the drummer was Robert Bušić (with 18 he was the wildest drummer I've ever played with, a real Muppet show Animal, i've miss that kind of drumming ever since) and the first singer was Dalibor Antolić. After a few months Dalibor left, and the rest 3 took the name Sin Albert. In those first years it was a very wild band influenced by such as the birthday party, daf, gang of four and Šarlo akrobata.

1987-89 In 87, personal changes happend. Oleg Mandić joined in and Klif Marušić, a very imaginative drummer, completed the band. This was the most creative phase. The result was a more complex sound, on the traces of velvet underground and sonic youth and also some dalmatian folks singing. One of the critics of that time, Aleksandar Dragaš, wrote: "moved sonic youth in a midday sun of the island Pag."

1989-90 The end phase of the band, Oleg left, and the rest three went to studio to record an EP, but after a rather disapointing experience the band splited up. An album was planed, but it never came to it.

That band had great local success, playing lot of gigs, for many people being THE underground band of Zagreb. Playing such music as they did, they were too strange for mayor labels, and unfortunately, at the end of the 80`s, independent publishing was just starting out in Croatia/Yugoslavia, so they never got a chance to record a decent studio recording. Everything which is left is an EP with four songs, for a very perspective new zagreb label search & enjoy, recorded in a very bad studio, for 150 US only, in 1990. Although it sounds like from an end of a long, long tunnel I still love it's dusty atmosphere. And for me, it seems like that band was capable of playing some great music.

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- tri mala dodira
- ja zelim čuti
- san
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