zagreb film here is the link to the lengendary zagreb film animation studio
awn film review a review + short extract from "a film with a girl" by Maureen Furniss at Awn stands for Animation world network and is the biggest site on the web dedicated to animated film.
johanna freise web site from one of the best austrian/german paintressess. miss freise and mr. suljic made the film "Short life" together.
oliver marceta oliver is a long time friend and collaborator. a painter and animator originally from ljubljana and working in vienna and slovenia he is also a member of the slovenian artist group premoderno an online archive dedicated to austrian music, offering data on the entire scene, all the bands, songs, records... space invaders are also included and here you can prelisten to two songs from the "planet blue" CD. one of the songs, "sunce sol i more" is also the soundtack for the 1997 film of the same name. interfilm is berlin based film festival and distribution. they have the rights for "the cake" and on their site you can watch a short extract from it
folioscope folioscope is brussels organization behind brussels animation film festival ANIMA. they also distribute vhs tapes. "the cake" is included on the best of 2000 tape and here, hosted by, you can order a bunch of copies (one for each member of the family)

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