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Line-up: Sale Dragaš - voice, Oleg Mandić - guitar, voice, Daniel Šuljić - guitar, Josip Suić Joja - bass, Cibula - drums

14.11.1984 A birth.

Three chords, two rehearsals, and five beers were enough for the fast beginning. It was the first concert ever for all of us. The band's name was "Linija" (a line), and the gig was in Zagreb, at the student hostel Laščina, a festival called "Raspjevani Maksimir" (singing Maksimir). Oleg Mandic played guitar and Sale Dragaš sung. We were all about 14,15?..

Sale's, and the band's, first and last gig. After that, Oleg joined a band called Waldorf, and Daniel met Stanko to make Sin Albert.

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