From early on Daniel occasionally also worked as a record player, a d-jay! He never was a dj in todays sence but more like a selector, choosing and playing his favourit music.
During 89.-91., he hosted a weekly evening with alternativ music at Podrum, in omladinski centar in Zagreb, and after that a similar night called "She lives on a hill " in Student club in Nazorova ulica. The programm was '60 garage, grunge, post punk, hard core, alternative rock, he was one of the first djs in Zagreb to play such music.

During the first decade of the new millenium he played regularly at Fluc Vienna, sometimes using the name Lifestlye desaster, and sometimes combining d-jaying with animation film screenings. Besides, he made some guest appearences at Bach and Roxy in Vienna, and Gromka at Metelkova in Ljubljana.

Lately he also started to play at animation film festivals, so he already played at Fantoche, Animafest Zagreb, Krok and Animateka in Ljubljana. If you have a festival and would like to have him play, feel free to conntact.

Right now he is resident dj under the name dj shullio at Spunk and at Limb, both in Zagreb.

He plays lot of different stuff: from indie, electro, roots raggea, afro, cuba, garage '60, electro swing, drum & bass, rap, croatian, new wave, punk etc...

daniel as a dj. in fluc, vienna

(c) copyright Daniel Šuljić, 2011 Zagreb/ Wien
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